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60KW pepper powder microwave sterilizing machine loading container ship to IRAN

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A shipping container belongs to IRISL (HDSLINES) arrive at our workshop on 8th Jan. 2020. This 40GP container will load the 60KW microwave sterilizing machine and ship to Abbas, Port, IRAN and finally arrive at our customer’s destination.


Customer from IRAN was famous local food industry suppler and specialized in Seasoning products. This 60kw microwave drying machine will used to sterilize the pepper powder products, according manufacturing recipe, the pepper powders need to be sterilized before packaging. By its fast and high efficiency processing capacity for our industrial microwave sterilizing machine, customer finally choose the microwave sterilizing machine to realize this function.


The 60kw microwave sterilizing machine is based on water cooled Toshiba Brand magnetrons, configured with one set of water cooling tower, with high quality digital type of transformer supplying high voltage above 4000V, could full fill the power supply for the working magnetrons, the 60KW water cooled microwave drying machine could sterilize 600kgs per hour of pepper powders in total.


Thanks for customer choose our tunnel type microwave sterilizing machine, we will continue to try our best to supply high quality machines for our customer all the time.

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