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Cat litter microwave drying machine trial test at office 30KW machine

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Trial processing line just finish the microwave drying test in the office and successfully executed on the morning of 13th Jan. 2020.  


There is one cat litter production basement in Nanhe county, Hebei Province, China, thousands of small factories manufacturing cat litter products and sell their products all over the world. The main raw materials are tofu residue, after mixing with other materials, the pelleting machine will form the shape by the die, then the microwave drying machine will dry these wet pellets to dry ones. After packaging, the commercial cat litter will be sold in supermarket.


We have sold more than 60 sets of such cat litter microwave drying machine to this county till December 2019 and harvest lot of friendship during these years, many of the customer introduce new friend to go to our factory and purchase machines all through the year, many abroad customers also come to check our machine and cooperate with us recently. 


The trial production machine is based on air cooled Samsung Brand magnetrons, with high quality digital type of transformer supplying high voltage above 4000V, could full fill the power supply for the working magnetrons, the 30KW microwave drying machine could dry 500kgs per hour of cat litter in total.   


Welcome friends from all over the world come and purchase our cat litter microwave drying machines in the of 2020 !

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