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Provide 20kw box lunch microwave rapid heating equipment for Fushun city catering enterprises

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In 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a lot of impact on people's daily life. The epidemic prevention measures that restrict the movement and gathering of people have caused a considerable impact on various industries, including catering. Many enterprises, institutions and schools have customized nutritious lunches for employees and students. The nutritious meal uses customized dishes, meat and vegetables, with rice as a staple food, and environmentally friendly lunch boxes, which solves the lunch problem of enterprises, institutions and schools. .


For catering companies, due to the large quantity and short supply time of lunch supply, and the time and space distance between the catering company and the purchaser, how to quickly achieve a large number of hot meals in a short period of time becomes a catering A big problem facing the enterprise. Catering companies need to prepare a large number of nutritious lunch boxes the night before the meal, and place them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh, and start heating the box lunches in the second half of the next morning, and the heated box lunches are put into the logistics turnover incubator for rapid distribution .


Since the box lunch nutritious meal has been packaged, the traditional method is no longer suitable for such a large number of customized meal heating requirements. Customers in Fushun City conducted in-depth communication with our sales and technical personnel regarding their needs. Our company, in accordance with customer requirements, combined with the advantages of microwave heating technology and technical equipment, specially designed a 20kw water-cooled tunnel-style lunch box nutritious meal for Fushun customers. Microwave heating equipment, processing capacity 1500-2000 copies/hour, using industrial microwave equipment can quickly heat a large number of nutritious lunches, and the temperature of the lunch at room temperature can be raised to above 75 degrees Celsius within 3-5 minutes, and the sanitary conditions are good , Has been well received by catering business customers.


The 20kw equipment is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, equipped with heavy-duty PP chain plates, and equipped with Toshiba magnetrons and digital transformers. Equipped with PLC programmable control, with HMI touch screen control panel. The equipment adopts a water-cooled magnetron cooling method, which can work continuously. After actual tests, it heats up the nutritious meal quickly and takes a short time. It greatly retains the original flavor and nutritional ingredients of the nutritious meal, and has been unanimously received by the catering business customers. Praise.



The tunnel-type lunch box nutritious meal microwave heating equipment developed by our company is widely used in various catering companies, canteens, catering retail stores and other market entities. The box lunch heating process is rapid, low cost, product preservation effect, hygiene and safety, and can be based on the user's area Designed for special customization. Welcome all customers to consult: Mr. Yang +86-18264128178


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