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Provide 45kw nutritious oatmeal microwave sterilization equipment for well-known food companies in Jiyang District

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Jiyang District, under the jurisdiction of Jinan City, Shandong Province, is located in the southern part of the Northwest Plain of Shandong and is a suburb of Jinan, the provincial capital. Jiyang District is a well-known food industry base. The Shandong Province (Jibei) Taiwan Industrial Park is located here. After more than ten years of development, a large number of well-known food companies have settled down in Jiyang District and made important contributions to the local economy. contribution.



The company's customers are engaged in the research and development, processing and sales of health food. Among them, nutritious oatmeal is an important health nutrition product specially developed and produced by the company, which is well received by people of all ages in the market. In the process of production and processing, the sterilization treatment of nutritious oatmeal is an important process. Because the oatmeal product is a high-end health product, traditional sterilization treatment methods easily affect the original flavor and nutritional components of nutritious oatmeal, and the effect is not good.


After communicating with our sales engineer on the principle of microwave sterilization technology for nutritional cereals and tunnel-type microwave sterilization equipment, the company learned about the advanced nature of our company’s microwave irradiation sterilization technology. After on-site inspection of our products and services, we finally decided to purchase our Division 45kw water-cooled tunnel-type microwave sterilization equipment, with a processing capacity of 300-400 kg per hour.


The 45kw body is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, and is equipped with a Toshiba magnetron and a digital transformer. Equipped with PLC programmable control, with HMI touch screen control panel. The equipment adopts a water-cooled magnetron cooling method, which can work continuously. After actual tests, the sterilization effect is good, and the original flavor and nutritional components of the nutritious oatmeal have been protected to the greatest extent, and it has been well received by customers.


The tunnel microwave sterilization equipment developed by our company is widely used in the food industry. It has obvious sterilization effects on nutritious cereals, beef jerky, snacks, spicy strips, soybean oil skin, roast chicken, preserved fruits, beans, pastries, condiments, etc., and the sterilization process Fast, low cost, good product preservation effect, long storage time, environmental protection and safety. Welcome all customers to consult: Mr. Yang +86-18264128178


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