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Provide rose microwave drying treatment solutions for leading enterprises in the hometown of roses in China

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Provide rose microwave drying treatment solutions for leading enterprises in the hometown of roses in China


Pingyin County, located 60 kilometers west of Jinan, the provincial capital, is a famous hometown of roses in China. It has a long history of rose planting and is the starting point for the rose industry in the east of the Belt and Road Initiative. The double-petal red roses produced here have a long history of cultivation, with a history of more than 1,300 years. They are famous at home and abroad for their large flowers, thick petals, strong fragrance, and excellent quality. Pingyin roses are recognized as the representative of traditional Chinese roses.


According to incomplete statistics, the planting area of roses in Pingyin County exceeds 60,000 mu, with more than 50 planted varieties, with an annual output of more than 20,000 tons of stamens, more than 40 rose product processing companies, and a wide range of roses and rose deep-processed products, including: rose food , Rose health products, rose cosmetics, rose beverages, rose essential oil extracts, rose home textiles, etc. Pingyin County won the title of "China Rose Capital" at the 2019 China Rose International Expo.


Our company cooperated with the local leading enterprise in research and development and provided the enterprise with 4 sets of 120kw tunnel-type rosette microwave drying equipment for customers to dry the newly harvested rosettes. The leading enterprise has more than 4,000 acres of core rose varieties cultivation base, has modern rose and its deep-processed product production plants and workshops, research and development and production of dozens of products that are well-loved by the market, and rely on its own channels to sell to ten at home and abroad. Several countries and regions.


In accordance with customer requirements, our company specially designed tunnel drying equipment suitable for the characteristics of roses in this region. These devices can evaporate most of the water in the rose within a few minutes, and can well retain the color of the petals and buds, and retain the original ingredients of the rose to the greatest extent. After physical and chemical experiments, the indicators of the roses after drying by our equipment are normal, which has laid a good foundation for the subsequent deep processing.


The equipment is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, equipped with high temperature resistant conveyor belt, and equipped with Toshiba magnetron and digital transformer. The magnetron adopts water cooling mode and can work continuously for 24 hours. It is equipped with an on-board button control platform, which is stable in operation. It adopts infrared temperature control sensor to control the temperature accurately and well complete the established processing process tasks.


During the 2019 China Rose International Expo, well-known experts and scholars from the field of forestry flowers at home and abroad visited the workshop equipped with our rose flower microwave drying equipment, and the media inside and outside the province carried out relevant reports.


In recent years, our company has been devoted to researching the application of microwave technology in the field of low-temperature rapid drying. Products designed are widely used in microwave curing of tea, microwave drying of roses, microwave drying of honeysuckle, and color protection of various plant stems and leaves. We hope that our professional technology and products can serve more domestic and foreign customers. Welcome to consult us for specific questions, contact person: Yang Gong Tel WeChat: +86-18264128178


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