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The third set of equipment is exported to India! Our nutritional rice production line sells well in overseas markets!

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With the smooth completion of the loading of two full containers (2x40GP), our third set of nutrient-fortified rice production line for export to India has officially completed factory delivery. After more than three weeks, they will arrive in India and be dispatched by local Indian engineers. Assemble and run, and create benefits for customers there.


Artificial rice is a grain product similar to rice. It is usually made from broken rice, sometimes with other grains added, and is usually fortified with micronutrients, including minerals (such as iron and zinc) and vitamins (such as vitamin A and vitamin B). In recent years, in the domestic nutrition and health product market in China, it has been loved by consumers. Nutritional rice is rich in nutrition, easy to use, and has a good taste. It is suitable for all ages and has a broad market prospect.


In recent years, in order to improve the basic status of malnutrition of the domestic people and implement the national health plan, the Indian government has implemented relevant policies in the field of agricultural products to encourage domestic artificial rice processors to increase the supply of nutrient-fortified artificial rice that optimizes the nutritional ratio and add to the manufacturing process. Necessary minerals and micronutrient elements are used to produce artificial rice with a more balanced nutrient composition, and strive to improve the nutritional imbalance of the people through diet. This measure has been praised by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.


In India, more and more food manufacturers have begun to participate in the production of nutritious rice. In the first half of 2021, the demand for artificial nutrient-fortified rice equipment in the Indian market will increase sharply. Considering the stability of local policies, it is expected that India market for artificial nutrient-fortified rice production line equipment will further expand, and Chinese manufacturers of artificial nutrient-fortified rice equipment have big business opportunities in the future. 


After careful communication with the customer, our technical staff determined the whole production line equipment used in accordance with the nutritional rice formula, including raw material crusher, material conveyor, weighing machine, mixer, special nutritional rice 75 extruder, Microwave drying sterilizer (optional), electric oven and cooling conveyor line equipment. It can meet the daily output demand of 3-5 tons, and a single production line is 125,000 to 150,000 USD. The whole set of equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food factory equipment and sanitary conditions, and is beautiful and durable. Under the guidance and training of our professionals, the nutrition-fortified rice puffing microwave joint production line is operating normally and has been well received by customers.


The design and configuration of this production line can be used to produce nutritious rice, formula fortified rice, nutritious rice thins and other products. Many domestic and foreign companies have ordered our artificial and nutrition rice  production equipment products, and customers are welcome to consult and visit. Wealth Hotline: +86-18264128178 Mr. Yang



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